It looks like a giant cotton swab, but look carefully. It’s beginning to move!

Is it a cloud? Ball of fluff or a huge cotton swab? No, nothing like that! It’s just a Tori – the sweetest and the most downy dog in the world. Its breed is Bichon Frise and she lives in Daegu (South Korea).

Tori’s Instagram profile is followed by nearly 75,000 users. All thanks to the dog’s unique appearance and magnificent white fur coat. When awake, she looks
like a giant cotton ball.


She’s a very well groomed and fashionably dressed dog. Her owner makes sure to always have both cropped hair and looked perfectly.

He buys her dresses, colorful shirts and other fancy clothes, in which she looks very lovely.

As every dog, she loves to lie everywhere. That huge afro completely doesn’t bother her. On the next page you’ll find more pictures of this sweet pet!