A new fashion trend among parents is leading to a massive outbreak of blood infections in children. Doctors are sounding the alarm!

Fashion influences many people’s decision, but it turns out that this can be dangerous in consequences.

We are currently living in the age of the child. It’s the child that is at the center of family life and parents, especially in developed countries, where couples decide on a maximum of two children. The birth and appearance of a new family member is a great event. Parents try their best to prepare for the welcoming of a baby. They go to birthing school, learning the latest trends in raising children.

Thanks to the Internet they have access to ideas, solutions and opinions from parents from all around the world. They can consult one another about any problems, anything that’s unclear, and their excitements. They often become specialists in a given field. However, doctors warn not to believe everything that is written on the Internet. Some people have no idea what they’re talking about, and it’s their own ego that makes it sound like they’re the smartest ones.

Especially when it comes to “folk methods” and superstitions. Women, instead of going to the doctor with their baby, are trying out home remedies for different issues. Some of the advice turns out to work well, but you need to be very careful, especially when the method calls for a bath in a strange solution, giving your child herbs and “homemade” medicines. People who believe in superstition can cause their baby more harm than good.

The latest fashion trend that parents began practicing, is scaring doctors all around the world. Increasingly, women are choosing a natural way of giving birth and believe that you should separate the placenta and umbilical cord from the baby yourself.

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