Louise had symptoms typical of pregnancy, but all 7 tests came out negative. It was only then that doctors discovered what was wrong with her

Women have complex bodies, which are governed by hormones. Most ladies are quite familiar with their bodies and know when something out of the ordinary is happening with them e.g. when they become pregnant. But sometimes it could be a mistake, since unexpected things can happen at any time.

Louise, a happy girl in her twenties, began to suffer from severe pain in the lower abdomen. She also noticed unexpected bleeding between her regular periods and had to go to the bathroom more often. She felt that her body is changing and that the reason for it may be pregnancy. She decided to take a pregnancy test, but to Louise’s and her boyfriend’s surprise, the result was negative.


Pregnancy tests bought in pharmacies aren’t always a hundred percent accurate, so the girl decided to take another test and another, and another … all gave a negative result, even though Louise felt that she was pregnant, because she was experiencing almost all of the typical symptoms and had a feeling that something was growing inside of her.

The tests clearly showed that she isn’t pregnant, but Louise felt that her body was changing.

The upset woman went to see a gynecologist, who listened to her worrying observations and asked her to take one more pregnancy test in his office. It also indicated that Louise isn’t pregnant. The concerned doctor decided to conduct some more detailed tests, because the situation seemed quite unusual. A CAT scan and biopsy finally concluded what was going on with Louise.

What’s happening with this sympathetic young girl?

Doctors diagnosed her with two teratomas. This is a type of tumor that occurs, among others, on the ovaries. Unfortunately, in Louise’s case, they had already begun to spread, appearing in the stomach area, which led to the compression of other organs, which was the reason for her sharp pains. As a result, the young woman found herself on the operating table where part of her reproductive organs was removed, without depriving her of the ability to have children in the future.

Tests showed that the cause of the symptoms wasn’t pregnancy, but tumors.

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