11-year-old Lucas flooded the entire district with leaflets announcing he was looking for a job. When people learned what he was saving up money for, they opened their wallets and hearts

The greatest treasure in the world is having a faithful and devoted friend.

Many complain that modern children are spoiled, demanding and devoid of empathy. Unfortunately, a lot of them are like that but there are also incredibly sensitive kids who care about more in life than showing off in the schoolyard with the latest phone model.

Sensitivity and responsibility can be taught to children in many ways, but it is best to give children a pet. Caring for a pet requires responsibility and also teaches empathy and caring for others.

Most children dream of having their own pet animals like a dog and it is not surprising, because quadrupeds are great for companionship, playing and are great defenders. Such was the case for the Fuller family, so buying a dog for their son Lucas was obvious to them.

Lucas and his new companion Bear have become the best of friends and for a few years they were inseparable, going on each adventure possible. Unfortunately, at some point the doggy stopped playing with Lucas and completely lost his appetite, so Karen, Lucas’s mom, took him to the vet. In the clinic, it was found that the animal had attacked an extremely rare and severe fungal infection – blastomycosis.

The infection is chronic and its treatment is difficult and above all expensive. The Fullers did not have any savings for such an expenditure, so 11-year-old Lucas himself decided to get a job and make money to treat his best friend.

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