Magneto Is Real! Meet The Boy Who Woke Up With Amazing Superpowers!

Having superpower is a dream of every children around the world. Therefore, books, comics and superhero movies are so popular. Many children would fight with villains like The Avengers or X-Men.

It often happens that the hero gains powers by accident … And that’s what happened with this boy!

Nikolai Kryaglyachenko, aged 12, was returning home after school. During his way home, he leaned against the lantern, which because of a faulty cable, that gave him an electric shock. It scared Nikolai, the shock threw him on the pavement. Luckily, he survived.


The next day when he wake up, it turned out that he can attract metals. Lying in bed, he noticed small objects stuck to his body. The current has changed his body into a living magnet!


Now, he can attract metal objects. He can also move the glass of water (but he is just a child, so let’s look at that with a pinch of salt).

Let’s hope, young Nikolai used his forces for making good, not evil. I hope that this unusual power will weaken with time. Young children are ruthless, so it is hard to enter adolescence with the nickname “ a spoon boy”.