Makeup can work wonders. See remarkable metamorphoses that will sweep you off your feet!

All women are well aware that makeup can work wonders. By using eye shadow, bronzers, blush, and highlighters they can give their face a whole new look. You only need to know the rules of modeling and contouring to bring out what’s best in your appearance. By manipulating light and shadow, we use almost the same techniques that painters and photographers use.

To sculpt and strengthen facial features, you should use a minimum of two contrasting shades. The lighter color should be the same color as the skin and the other color should be one or two tones darker. Vibrant color brighten areas such as the forehead and eyes, giving a radiant complexion, while dark color sculpt and highlights the natural features.

The 22-year-old Goar Avetisyan, despite her young age is already a sought-after and appreciated artist. Instead of painting pictures or taking photos, she changes feminine faces beyond recognition. She does it so well that almost all websites write about it, and the pictures of the incredible metamorphoses flood social media every day. See the results of her work!


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