Man found a popped balloon in a field. The information attached to it brought him to tears!

When someone close dies, adjusting to a life without that person seems almost impossible. The person you loved most in the world suddenly goes away, and no one in the family is prepared for it. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that you’ve lost someone forever, which is why people look for different ways to communicate with the dead.

Oftentimes they come to the cemetery to talk to them. They tell them about their joys and sorrows.


A lot of people also use the services of the medium. Usually, such people don’t have the ability to communicate with people from the underworld, but provide such services, as it’s a great source of income for them.

Some choose to send messages to their loved ones by taping them to a balloon or kite. The balloons rise up into the air and carry the information to the deceased who are in heaven.


A man was walking across a field and stumbled on a popped balloon. Initially, it didn’t catch his attention, but then he saw that someone had attached a note to it. When he read it, he was extremely moved:


I miss you so much
I just want you to know that I really am Sorry for hurting you.
I made it mom I made it through High School.
I love you Mom.
I love you so much.

We don’t know for what wrongs the sender was apologizing for, but one thing is certain, that person certainly regrets their mistakes. It’s a pity that he wasn’t able to tell it to his mother when she was still alive.