Many artists have tried to sing “The Power of Love,” but this African’s performance surpassed all the others

There are songs in this world which probably everyone has heard. These are both beautiful and tranquil ballads about love, as well as strong rock and pop hits. Big hits are the most difficult to sing, because it’s not easy to match the original arrangement or that of another artist who has already made a cover of the famous hit.

One of the songs that has become a hit of world music is “The Power of Love,” which was first performed by Jennifer Rush in 1984. The tune was a hit for years, because later artists willingly published their own versions of the song. One of the most famous covers is that of Céline Dion from 1993. But as it turns out, it’s not only the ladies who are great at singing this hit, because one African surprised everyone with his performance.


Extraordinary musical talent can be found on every continent, but unfortunately for many of them, the world will never find out about them. Fortunately, we now live in the age of the internet, so if something is recorded, there’s a good chance that it will find its way onto the web and may be noticed by someone influential from the industry. This could very well happen to a man whose sister recorded him singing her the hit song “The Power of Love.”

Will the world appreciate his talent?

This song isn’t easy, especially for men, but as life has shown, a brave performance by a man is possible, and the following recording is proof of just that. It should also be noted that the person singing in the video is an amateur never before professionally involved in music, so he should receive an even bigger round of applause for his innate talent.

The similarity of his voice to Celine Dion’s is striking