Many of us have this device in our kitchen but not many know how dangerous it can be. Look out!

Although this device tends to be extremely helpful in the kitchen, it can also be very dangerous due to the pressure it produces. The steamer, because that’s the device we’re talking about, allows us to prepare delicious meals without the need of cooking for hours.

In reality, steamers can be very dangerous and when misused can cause a lot of damage.


A family decided to share their story on the internet about their terrible experience with a steamer. In order to show just how dangerous the device can be, they posted a couple of pictures showing injuries, to the sight of which you could really get goose bumps.

pressure cooker2

Cassie Hodges and her husband Mark were thinking what to prepare for dinner. They decided to make a soup using the steamer. The meal was ready after already 25 minutes. The woman left her children in the dining room and went to the kitchen to help her husband serve the meal. She knew she had to wait for the steam to escape the device and let the pressure go down. She came closer and heard a click which signalled that the cover was not locked.

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pressure cooker1