A poor woman wanted to find out if the rumors about her husband are true. Her discovery shocked everyone!

Marija Zlatic lives poorly in a small, run-down hut in the mountains in eastern Serbia. One day, she received a message that theoretically could have changed her life, but everything turned out completely differently…

Let’s start from the beginning. In 1956, together with her husband Momcilo, she moved to Guildford (Western Australia). The man worked as a carpenter, and she was a housewife. After 18 months of living together, Marija decided to return to Serbia, to take care of her sick mother. Since then, she lived with her husband in separation. They remained in touch only through letters.



With time, the letters became few, and the couple began to forget about the love that had once joined them together. Marija lived on a modest retirement in a small hut made out of mud. She never complained about her situation and didn’t blame anyone for the life that she had.

Meanwhile, her husband was raising cattle. It turned out that he made quite a considerable fortune out of it. People in the village began to gossip that he’s a rich farmer and that he re-married. Marija wanted to find out how it really is. After four years of searching, it was possible to establish that Momcilo isn’t alive and that she had inherited a great fortune from him – $3 million Australian!