Marine Soldier Rescued And Embraced These Little Animals. See What Grew Out Of Them!

When a marine soldier found 4 small bunnies huddled near their dead mother, he knew what to do. It awoke a hero in him, so the man took the bunnies to the base.

Over the months he devoted many hours to give a chance to these hares. The man fed them and kept in a safe place.

The hares at the day of their finding. Little sweet cuties!



Babies were fed four times a day for two months.

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  1. Judie
  2. DEZ
  3. lori
  4. Lyn
    • Andrea
  5. Joe
  6. Jarrod
  7. Katie
  8. Maureen Stephan Hoeler
  9. Cinn
  10. Cheryl Ridsdale-Schimanskey
  11. MJ
  12. Andrea