Marry someone who…

It isn’t an easy job to find a partner for life, whether it’s a woman or a man. Everyone has their own habits, but also expectations towards their partner. On top of that, you need to add a pinch of falling in love and attractiveness. Finding a person with whom you’ll gladly spend the rest of your life with is difficult. That’s why it’s worth paying attention to details.

The way of behaving and small gestures say more about a person than any vows, so take a closer look at the person you’ve chosen, and they’ll tell you everything, even without words.

1. Marry someone who will respect you, even if you’re not next to them.

Listen carefully to what your partner says about his or her friends, when they can’t hear. If your partner talks about you behind your back, end that relationship.

2. Marry someone with whom you feel comfortable and natural.

Sick or in slippers. If you know that you can behave naturally and without embarrassment around each other… then it’s the one! 😀

3. Marry someone who asks you about your favorite things.

This means that they’re interested in you and want to make you happy.

4. Marry someone who loves you and your weaknesses.

No one is perfect. You have to remember that everyone has some disadvantages that emerge with time.

5. Marry someone who knows what kind of coffee you like to drink in the morning.

This shows that the other person wants to take care of you.

6. Marry someone who isn’t ashamed to go out and be seen with you.

This means that they’re proud to have someone like you at their side. What more could you want.

7. Marry someone who wouldn’t ever hurt you on purpose.

Sometimes an unkind word will slip through, but if someone hurts you, on purpose, end that relationship as fast as you can.

8. Marry someone who puts everything aside to hear what you have to say to them.

It’s a sign that you’re the most important person in their life.

9. Marry someone who hugs you, to hear your heart beating.

No need for words and pledges when you can hear the heart of your beloved next to your own.

10. Marry someone with whom you’ll wake up every morning with a smile.

You’ll spend your whole life together, so you may want to think about it.