They named him a coward and wished him death for having survived the Titanic disaster! We wonder how they would behave in his place?

Japan is usually associated with a fantastic culture, beautiful geishas and tea rituals.

These are correct associations, but the Country of Cherry Blossoms is related to something else. With the honor and punishment that people experience when losing face. Humiliation can stay with you for your entire life – failure to pass an exam, being dismissed or not qualifying for sports matches. Fear of defeat is very strong in Japan, so they often claim to be infallible and rarely admit mistakes.

Stains on your honor are washed away in various ways. In the old Japanese tradition, the seppuku ritual was very popular, better known as harakiri. Drowned as part of the punishment, the person would cut their belly with a sword so that after death they would be cleansed of the charges. At present, the bloody ritual is rarely practiced, but it does not mean that the Japanese have become more understanding. They still think that a man with a stain on his honor is not worth much.

This is the case for the sole survivor of the Titanic disaster. What happened to him after arriving in the country is shocking. Go to the next page and learn more.