Mason Wartman’s Pizzeria is all in stickies, but the reason they’re there is noble

Mason Wartman worked in the financial industry and earned well, but didn’t feel happy. He decided to change his life and opened a small pizzeria in Philadelphia. The restaurant was no different from others until Mason came up with a charitable idea.

For a while now, „suspended coffee” is popular in the United States. Its phenomenon bases on the fact that someone pays for the coffee, but does not take it. He leaves it supended so a person who can not afford to drink it can pick it up. Thanks to this idea, thousands of homeless people across the country can warm themselves up with free coffee. Mason decided to test this idea in a slightly modified form in his pizzeria.


The man came up with the idea that on his premises, one will be able to order “suspended pizzas”, and the means of payment will be sticky notes. The customer buys a piece of s pizza (for $1), and gets a sticky note from the sales clerk, a note where he can write his message for the needy. That piece of paper is later affixed to the wall.

Mason was surprised with the great interest in his action.

Hungry people who could not afford to buy the Italian delicacy, come to the pizzeria, take sticky notes off the wall and are issued pieces of delicious hot pizza in return. For many poor residents of Philadelphia, “suspended pizzas” have become the only way to eat a hot meal.

Every day, the pizzeria is full of the homeless people and the poor.

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