Maternal instinct is never wrong. Here’s a story of a determined cat, who did not cease in search for her children

Helping animals is an important and noble task, requiring sobriety and sense of responsibility. Unfortunately, sometimes wanting to help someone may unwittingly harm them. A cat from New Zealand was the victim of such a difficult situation, when someone suddenly took her babies.

When we see a homeless animal usually our first thought is to phone the appropriate services, which will take care of them or we want to take them to the animal shelter on our own. But, not always help given by humans is needed, because for example, unowned cats do very well living in the wild. The adorable cat was also a resourceful animal, who recently gave birth to several kittens. Unfortunately, when she stayed outside the lair, someone discovered the little ones and wanting to help them, took them to the vet.

Kittens belong with their mother

Mother-cat-sneaks-into-a-vet-clinic-to-be-with-her-abandoned-kittens (1)

When the cat came back, and did not find her babies where she left them, she quickly began a search. Following their track, she reached the Mill Road Vet Clinic. Feeling that she is close to her children, the cat did not move away from the building even by a step and tried to slip inside through the door slit several times. The cat’s determination drew the attention of the clinic staff and they decided to check her intentions, so they let her inside.

Longing for the kittens gave her strength

Mother-cat-sneaks-into-a-vet-clinic-to-be-with-her-abandoned-kittens (2)

The tabby cat, guided by her mother’s intuitions, quickly found a box with her 4 babies. The month-old kittens, though longing and a little disoriented, were fully healthy. The cat along with her kittens, clinic and its employees are looking a happy home. This story is an example of why all aid must be thought out.

Fortunately, the family is back together and has a chance for adoption