Maybe you’re not fat, but is it just your organs that are bloated?! Find out how to get rid of this condition!

A bloated belly looks like a giant balloon that is about to explode. Usually we think that its size is the fault of accumulated fat, but the problem lies elsewhere! Oftentimes, internal organs are bloated and overly enlarged, especially the stomach and small intestine, which are the main culprits here.

Take a look at what the cause of this condition is and what to do to get rid of it!


1. Insufficient water consumption

When we drink too little, our body begins to collect fluid from the tissues. Bloating may then appear, due to fluid retention. Excessive consumption of coffee and alcohol can intensify the problem. Do you remember the last time you’ve drank at least 6 glasses of water?


2. Constipation

This happens mainly when we eat too little food which is rich in fiber. The gasses become trapped in the intestines and cause the organs to swell. You have to eat fiber, which can be found in fruits and vegetables, regularly and part ways with white bread. It’s best to choose the whole grain kind!

3. Prolonged stress

Believe it or not, but stress can also cause bloating. Stressful situations cause the digestive system to not perform its functions properly.

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