Meet Mehmet Inanc, an 89-year-old man who didn’t sleep for… 55 years!

Sleep is one of the things necessary for human life. It allows you to recover the body, calm the mind, gather strength and greet the coming day with new energy. Unfortunately, not everyone can benefit from a good night’s sleep. Perhaps this is due to stressful work and the busy lifestyle of a modern man, that insomnia is omnipresent.

This man living in Turkey is definitely the worst off – he cannot sleep … for 55 years now.

Mehmet İnanç suffers from a sleep disorder called chronic insomnia. There is no cure to his ailment.

In 1960, this man was diagnosed with sleep disorders, the cause of which nobody could explain.

Since then, Mehmet had not slept a minute, and even highly qualified doctors are not able to put him to sleep.


At one point, the man resigned to his otherness and stopped to force himself to sleep.

He spends his excess free time on his passion:

Now I see it as a gift from God. I am healthy in spite of my insomnia. I have a lot of time and I can do what I want. I read a book for which I did not have time for before, I solve crossword puzzles. I set up a small workshop in the basement, where I fix furniture, clothes, hats and socks.