Meet Some Absurd Prohibitions Striking At Women’s Rights. Some Of Them Will Depress You!

Gender equality and women’s rights are still very problematic subjects. We often hear about sexual inequality in earnings and equal access to certain professions.

Fortunately, this problem is slowly dying. However, there are places in the world where restrictions against women verge on the absurd.


There are many strange prohibitions and regulations that strike at women. Some are remnants of the former, less tolerant times. However, they are still part of the law and their violation can be punished. Below we have prepared for you a few strangest and most extreme examples.

In Saudi Arabia, women / girls cannot buy Barbie dolls. Instead, they were offered Fulla dolls, recognized as … less controversial. Could it be a way to promote the domestic industry?



In Florida, unmarried women, widows and divorcees cannot jump on a parachute on Sundays. Why just on Sundays? Nobody knows.

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