Meet the biggest teenager in the world! Can you imagine how much does he eat?

The average height of basketball player is about 2 meters. That’s a lot, especially for average and low people. The highest man in the world is Sultan Kolsen, but the highest teen is already chasing him. Today, he is 7 feet 8 inches tall!

The 19-year-old Broc Brown of Michigan is may soon become the heighest man in the world. He was 5 feet tall in kindergarten! In middle school, he was almost 7 feet. Unfortunaltey, his height is the result of a disease.


Broc suffers from a genetic disease called the Sotos’ syndrome, which is a mutation that causes excessive childhood growth. The boy also suffers from ADHD, an oppositional defiant disorder, and an explosive personality.


Despite these challenging diseases, Broc is determined to live a normal life. What is dangerous is that, according to research, he should stop growing in his youth. But the 19-year-old continues to grow!