Gaydos avoided human genetics until the modeling world discovered her. Today she is the most esteemed muse for photographers!

Exterior appearance has a great impact on the fate of mankind.

The world of models and modeling is undergoing great transformations. Once a prelude to the camera lens, they only had classic beauty. Today the fashion industry values differences, so more and more often you can admire the photographs of truly unusual people. Also, in fashion shows there are more and more models with unusual features.

Non-standard models are highly appreciated by photographers because their presence makes images more interesting, disturbing, and puzzling. In addition, the differences in appearance attract attention, so advertising campaigns with someone with unconventional appearances will certainly be remembered by the audience.

The growing interest in people who have gone far beyond the classic ideal of beauty has made many people who have never thought of modeling career decide to try their hand at the lens of a photographic camera. The effect? In the modeling industry, there have been some discoveries of exceptional characters.

Melanie Gaydos is 28 years old and suffers from ectodermal dysplasia. It is a genetic disease manifesting in the abnormal development of skin glands, as well as hair, nails and teeth. Treatment is immediate and includes mainly dental, prosthetic and dermatological procedures. The disease is quite rare and there are about 180 types.

Melanie had been ill for many years because of illness and she avoided people. Fate, however, gave her a chance she could take advantage of: she accepted her body which made her a model!

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