Five years ago, they were called the ugliest couple in the world. Mockery worked like a bucket of cold water. The transformation of this woman is stunning!

Today, appearances are the foundation.

It is primarily from them that the first impression is made for new people. We are visionaries and evaluate others, whether we like it or not, placing a great role on their appearance. Very often it is more important than their character or their intelligence, which we cannot tell from only looking at somebody. We are the image generation.

All over the place we are flooded with pictures of perfect looking, perfectly styled and always fashionable celebrities. Looking at them, we perceive that people should look that way. There is no way to refrain from comparison.

But how can we find beauty in an overweight, monstrous silhouette, thinning hair, curves or cellulite? How can we consider someone with a high forehead, deep eyes and outstretched ears attractive?

This couple did not have it easy. When in 2011 the internet circulated their wedding photos, commentators did not take pity. To this Russian married couple commentary came like an avalanche and comments were negative, offensive and mean. These fresh newlyweds were mocked as the ugliest couple in the world. There were also extremely mean comments from people who doubted that such ugly people existed at all, and that their disgusting appearances were a matter Photoshop mastery.

Although Internet users have doubted that the couple would last longer than a few months – because who wants to spend a life with such a ghostly looking woman? – the couple amazed everyone with the news that they are expecting a baby! But when cruel hijackers began to wonder what the baby would look like, the Russian woman was about to make a change. Not for herself, but for her loving husband and crustaceans, so that they may come into the world. Soon a quiet dream turned into a plan.

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