Millionaire buried a luxury Bentley in a grave. People quickly started to criticize him, but didn’t know the whole truth

Thane Chiquinho Scarpa is one of the most famous people in Brazil, and not just because he has a huge fortune. Recently he attracted the attention of the press by announcing the funeral of his luxury car, a Bentley.

The event quickly circled social media, and even received television coverage. Immediately there was also harsh criticism. The magnate was asked why he can’t use the car for other purposes, since he doesn’t need it anymore. He could sell it and donate the money to the sick and the poor. He was accused of acting selfishly and very inappropriately.


The public didn’t know the whole truth, however. It wasn’t only about drawing the attention of the press and showing how rich Scarpa is. The man wanted to draw the public’s attention to the issue of organ donation after death.


Most people bury much more valuable things. Eyes, lungs, heart, kidneys, liver… Organs in good condition, which can save the lives of thousands of people waiting for a transplant. Unfortunately, the organs are buried under the ground. Compared to this, my Bentley is worthless – explained the millionaire.

Do you think he chose a good way to reach people?