Watch the scene that was removed from the movie “Titanic”! Would filming with these scenes be better? It is not known, but it would certainly be sadder

“Titanic” was the highest grossing film of the 20th century.

The tragedy of the “Titanic” ship has been known to people for years, but it was not until the film directed by James Cameron that everyone became interested in it. Viewers were impressed by the momentum and precision with which the film was made, and the recognition of this work was expressed by the entire film world and the production received many awards, including 11 Oscars.


A moving story about Rose DeWitt Bukater, a high-school girl who fell in love with a poor boy named Jack, touched millions of viewers around the world and permanently inscribed in the history of cinema.

Making such a monumental work was quite a challenge for its creators. To make sure that the film will properly present the history of the ship’s passengers and delight viewers, much more material was filmed than needed. As a result, a few scenes were not in the cinema version of the movie.


At the end of the film, there was no sequence of shots showing the exhausted Rose entering the RMS Carpathia, a ship receiving survivors from the Titanic. In addition to the main heroine is shown her mother and other passengers of the tragic cruise, whose image hits the heart. In the unused film scene also appears a child saved by Caledon Hockley and J. Bruce Ismay, the originators of the construction of the ship, which, through its behavior and pressure on the captain, contributed to the tragedy of the Atlantic.

Many people regret that the scene was not in the final picture, because it is very touching and shows that salvation carries a certain sadness, because with the presence of those who survived, is at the same time the realization of who is missing …