Most common mistakes made when brushing teeth. You’ll be amazed by what can harm dental plaque!

Brushing our teeth is a daily activity, to which we are accustomed. We do it automatically and often incorrectly. We don’t pay attention to some quite significant details, which have a huge impact on the purity of plaque and interdental spaces.

We think that if there is expensive toothpaste and an advanced toothbrush in our bathroom, that our teeth will always be healthy and shiny white. Having a complete cleaning kit is one thing, but skillful cleaning is another. It’s important to be able to use it properly and follow the guidelines of proper brushing.

Take a look at the most common mistakes in daily brushing!


1.Putting an improperly rinsed toothbrush back into the cup

Sometimes we forget that we should carefully clean it after each use. This is very important because a lot of bacteria like to stay hidden between the bristles of the brush and they find their way into our mouth the next time we use our toothbrush.


2. Excessive brushing

It seems that the harder you press the brush, the whiter and better cleaned your teeth will be. It’s inadvisable to proceed this way! Long and strong brushing contributes to the abrasion of tooth enamel and leads to the regression of gums.

3. Weak pressure

Another common mistake! If you brush your teeth too gently, sediment will remain on the teeth.