Most likely the oldest man in the world who, according to witnesses and government documents, lived up to 256 years!

Longevity and even immortality are the dreams of many people, but they’re unrealistic dreams, because everyone will die. Some, unfortunately, are leaving this world pretty quickly, but there are also those who shock others with their age. 

Many people around the world recognize that the longest living man was Li Ching Yuen, who supposedly lived for more than 250 years and died of natural causes. Though reaching such an age seems quite unlikely, there is evidence that confirms the unusually long life of the Asian.


Li Ching Yuen had come into the world in 1677 in Sichuan. As he had said himself, at the age of 10 he became interested in herbal medicine and for the next 40 years he spent his time wandering and collecting herbs. The plants he picked were the main ingredients of his daily diet (goji berries, Lingzhi mushrooms, wild ginseng, He Shou Wu, Gotu kola) and his preferred beverage was rice wine. The next stage of Li’s life was military service, to which he enlisted at the age of 71.

Li only appeared in a few photographs.

His military mission as an instructor of Chinese martial arts ended at the age of about 130 and from then he went on to study from a man who claimed to have been dead for 500 years. The education would include mastering qigong exercises, which, along with a proper diet, can significantly prolong life. Admittedly, that proved to be effective, because Li lived 256 years.

Physical fitness and the ability to control the body are very important in the Eastern philosophies.

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