Most people don’t see the difference between these two egg yolks. If you had to choose the most healthy-looking one, which one would you pick?

The color of egg yolks tell us a lot about the chicken, which laid the egg, but it’s not an indicator of whether or not it’s actually healthy. Free-range hens, who consume a lot of vegetation with carotenoids, lay eggs whose yolks are more expressive.

In order for them to be valuable, not only is a proper diet important, but so is the age of the chickens. Juveniles (about 28-weeks-old) lay eggs with a relatively low amount of nutrients, so do old chickens (over 97-weeks-old). The best come, therefore, from those that are in the middle age.

The following picture shows three egg yolks. Try to choose the one that you think is the most healthy and best looking.

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