At The Command Of His Future Mother-In-Law He Built The Most Groovy Building I’ve Ever Seen! This Guy Is Awesome!

To keep him away from her daughter, the inventive woman hit on a brilliant idea. She ordered her future son-in-law to build an igloo! She claimed, that in this way he will make the best use of his leisure!

“If you want to marry my daughter, you must do the task.” – she said one day.

He was a bit surprised, but finally he decided to take up the challenge!


Daniel Gray lives in New Zealand. Together with his girlfriend – Kathleen Starie, he decided to visit the family in Edmonton (West Canada).

At that time, Kathleen’s mother decided to organize Daniel’s time in a strange way. The future son-in-low was not going to build the average igloo! He gave free rein to his imagination and created something incredible!

He started with collecting empty milk cartoons.. He wasted plenty of time for it!


Then, Daniel filled all of them with coloured water.


In this way, he formed the circle made of colourful, transparent bricks.