Naturally tanning bath. From now on, you’ll forget about those long roasting sessions in the sun and visits to the tanning salon!

Every woman loves when her skin is gently touched by the rays of the sun. It then looks healthy and tempting. Tanning in the sun is not for everyone though. There are women who aren’t fond of the burning solar rays and in order to achieve a nice skin tone, decide to visit a tanning salon or go for spray tanning.

Of course, you can use a self-tanner or bronzing lotion, but if you’re not into these products, we have something special for you.


There is a certain natural way, which will allow you to darken your body. Just go to the pharmacy and buy some herbs.

Here’s what you need:

  • 7 oz. oak bark
  • 1 oz. walnut leaves
  • 2 oz. chamomile
  • 4 oz. lavender
  • 2 oz. linden flower

Instructions for preparing the infusion can be found on the next page.