Never ever do these 7 things to your cat!

People are divided into lovers of cats and dogs. However, even the greatest lover of cats can forget about the little things that really affect the quality of life and health of a cat at home. It is worth remembering, because our pets are not toys, but living and thinking beings.

It is therefore important to remember these tips and apply them to improve your furry pet’s life.


1. Forgetting to protect against fleas and ticks

You would think that this is unnecessary if your pet does not come in contact with other cats and rarely goes out. Believe it or not, but even you can bring an intruder which can be dangerous for your cat into your home on your coat or pants.


2. Letting the cat out of the house without supervision

A cat is a discoverer. You would think that since it knows where it lives, it will always come back. A cat that is not familiar with the surrounding environment can fall victim to a speeding car or a dog mistaking it for a toy. If you want your cat to go out, take it along for a walk.


3. Leaving the windows open

Cats, as previously mentioned, are curious. You don’t know what they could see through a window when you’re not close by, and even a window that’s slightly open can become an exit for a cat. You’ll find more advice on the next page.

Ctass at a window in Place de l'Étolie - Obernai, Alsace, France, 17.9.2011