Never Go Alone To These Places!

Although, it may be fascinating, I have no aspirations to discover the haunted places in the world. I do not want to wade through the woods, feeling a ghost on the shoulder or see disappearing people.

But if you like to take a risk, we have some places for you. But do not blame me if you do not come back… alive from these trips.

1. Union Cemetery, Connecticut

It is locked at night and regularly patrolled by the police. The Phantom of the White Lady was immortalized here in many photographs and films. Therefore, this cemetery is called the most haunted in the USA.


2. The Gates of Hell, Turkmenistan

Originally, it was a gas field set on fire by Soviet scientists. It has burned continuously for over 40 years. It is a favourite place of spiders in the area of many miles.


3. Whaley House, San Diego

All members of the family who lived there died in strange circumstances. Each of them was seen wandering around and outside the house. Ghosts were seen by the visitors peeping through the windows.


4. Raynham Hall, England

Rynham is a place where the most famous ghost photo was made. The famous Brown Lady disappearing on the stairs, did not show up since that picture was taken.