Newlyweds were shocked when they saw their wedding photos. They realized that if they don’t change their lives soon, they are going to die!

A wedding is a special day for which brides spend a lot of time preparing: they go to the SPA, lose excess weight or lengthen their hair. Leisa was a different bride, because she accepted her body for what it is and didn’t lose any weight for her wedding.

Also, her fiancé had some extra pounds and did nothing about them, because it’s what’s on the inside, not the outside that counts…


Leisa and Noel are a couple living in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. The consequence of their love was a wedding, for which they had been waiting impatiently. The ceremony was a success, and the only thing that the loving newlywed couple had to do, was wait until the photographer was done preparing an album with photos from their wedding and pre-wedding photo shoot. Unfortunately, the day when they got those photos was one of the least pleasant ones in their lives.

For most married couples, wedding photos are a nice souvenir, but not for Noel and Leisa.

When the young married couple saw their pictures, they become aware of how serious of a problem they were dealing with. Their obesity was frightening and as they had mentioned earlier, they didn’t realize how they actually look. Until now they had treated their weight as a minor limitation, which was problematic e.g. on a plane, as each of them took up more than one seat or at the movies, when they couldn’t fit into the seats.

Obesity is a growing problem of the modern world.

The couple didn’t fully realize their problem even when their bed had collapsed underneath them a few times. At the end, poor eating habits, a tendency to eat fast food and processed foods and a lack of exercise, led Leisa and Noel to a state, which began to be life-threatening. Their organs, which were encased in fat, began to increasingly bother them, and yet they had their whole lives ahead of them. So they decided that they’ll do anything to get rid of the excess weight and once again enjoy an active and normal life.

This photo turned out to be a breakthrough in their lives.

The couple supported each other very much and managed to achieve success. Noel lost a whopping 220 lbs. and Leisa – 110 lbs.! Today they look fantastic, much healthier and younger, and as they say, finally, they get to do what other couples can: snuggle at the movies or sit next to each other on a bus. Leisa and Noel are convinced that if it was not for the shock they experienced when they saw their wedding photos, a long time would have passed until they would’ve started losing the weight which was dangerous for their health and lives. Luckily, they made the right decision and should be an example for all those struggling with obesity.

The loving couple changed their appearance beyond recognition.
Als Noel und Leisa ihre Hochzeitsfotos sahen, begannen sie eine DiŠt. - Couple Noel and Leisa Hoey seen after their dramatic weightloss. See SWNS story SWSLIM; A husband and wife have lost an incredible 24 stone between after being shamed by their fat wedding photos. With a combined weight of 52 stone at their heaviest, Noel and Leisa Hoey were so big they couldn't sit beside each other at the cinema or on an aeroplane - and broke their bed frame FOUR times with their bulk. But after being shamed by their unflattering wedding photos Noel, 35, has lost 16 stone - the equivalent of a baby HIPPO. Leisa, 33, lost eight stone and a whopping SIX dress sizes after squeezing her massive bulk into a size 26 gown for their big day.