Nina installed hidden cameras in her home. When she saw what they had recorded, she immediately broke up with her boyfriend

Marriage is a serious matter, because it’s a lifelong decision. Therefore, you should be sure of who you’re tying your future with so as not to later find out that your partner is a person with a completely different approach to life, whose behavior is incomprehensible to you, or worse, worthy of condemnation.

Nina Mandin is a beautiful 26-year-old girl, who for some time was engaged to her boyfriend, and their wedding date was quickly nearing. Nothing signaled a break up, until something which was unacceptable for the woman occurred. The behavior of her fiancé exceeded all expectations and showed that they completely aren’t meant for each other. What did the man do?


Nina lived in a house not only with her fiancé, but also with her two beloved dogs: Victoria and Gucci. One day, she noticed her bulldogs had a strange injury and took them to the vet. He, unfortunately, couldn’t say for sure what had happened to the dogs. Since then, Nina began to suspect that maybe the pets are fighting with each other when they’re alone at home. She decided to investigate the matter further and installed a hidden camera in the house.

Nina loves her dogs and raising them is her passion.

The video from the hidden camera confirmed Nina’s suspicions that her dogs weren’t getting along, but the camera also recorded something completely different. It turned out that the culprit behind her animals’ injuries is her fiancé! In the video, you can see how he takes the dog and practices so-called “head-bumps” on the animal. Then he holds it upside down and throws it on the floor. The behavior of the man was startling for the owner of the dogs. She couldn’t understand why she hadn’t noticed the cruelty of her fiancé towards Victoria and Gucci any earlier. She immediately broke up with him and canceled their wedding plans, because living with someone who has no respect and empathy for animals would be a nightmare for her.

What kind of person treats animals this way?


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