Nobody wanted this Pit Bull. She was about to be put to sleep, when a man came forward and offered her a home. It turned out that he paid a high price for it in return

Pit Bulls are a breed of dogs which have a very bad reputation. These dogs are bred to care of children will do anything to protect their owner. They need a lot of work to restrain their natural instinct to rule. Unfortunately, the bad reputation that is often repeated by people is the sole fault of owners who raise them badly.

Zara, a 7-year-old pup, did not have an easy life. She was returned three times to the shelter. Once, because she had chewed up different appliances in the home. The second time, because another dog, which was in the house, didn’t like her. In the third house, it turned out that Zara pulled her owner while on walks and the owner didn’t have any pleasure when walking her.


Zara was going to be put to sleep after her third return to the shelter. After 18 months, there still wasn’t a home for her, everybody was afraid of the large dog. At that time, Emma Hindson was a volunteer at the shelter. Having the education of a veterinarian was very helpful. After some time, she began to walk Zara. She says:

Zara was very friendly. She wanted to jump on your knees and be petted and hugged, she could lick you to death.


After many walks Emma decided that she would take Zara to her home. She wanted to see how she will behave in the house, if there’s a chance for her to adapt. It turned out that Zara was waiting for such an opportunity. After a walk, she lays down next to the couch, as if it were her own place.


It turned out that they are destined for themselves. Zara’s abundance in energy suited Emma, who is also very physically active. Zara is always beside her owner. However, there are some problems that can seen on the next page.



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