Not only dogs and cats are abused and abandoned by the people. Such a cruel fate befalls also burros

India is a country in which animals are unlikely to have an easy life. City streets are full of stray dogs and cats; on the other hand livestock owners in rural areas often do not provide the right conditions for their charges. The animals that help people with their mantles are in the best situation, but they also do not always receive adequate gratitude for their help.

A cruel and aggressive owner had a burro, which had almost lost its life because of this contact. The man was beating his animal, starving him and excessively forcing him to do hard work. Finally, when the donkey was no longer able to work intensively, the man abandoned him to a certain death. The animal would probably die in agony, if not for the people of Animal Aid Unlimited.


Animal Aid Unlimited is an organization dedicated to rescuing animals in India. Thanks to the devotion and dedication of people working there, one animal is rescued every day; this time it was a nice little burro, which they called Lance. Unfortunately, his condition was serious, because he had numerous scathes, and his left front leg was seriously injured.

The donkey needed vet help immediately.


Burro was recuperating for about two months. Now this animal is unrecognizable: he looks good, has appetite and is full of energy. Currently Lance is staying in a shelter, Bonnie Christopher Forever Home for Donkeys in Udaipur. He is happy among other donkeys and does not need to worry that someone will hurt him.

Lance found a new safe house.


If you want to see, how this donkey changed, watch the video below.