Nothing Could Save This Baby. An Then, The Miracle Happened!

Karen was extremely happy when she found out that she is pregnant again. She was mum of a three-year old Michael, that couldn’t wait his sister.

He was very happy. He cuddled up to his mum’s belly and sang his favourite song. This contributed to this amazing event.

Nothing suggested misfortune. The pregnancy was correct and the little girl was developing property. However, when the day of labour came, everything has changed. Karen’s daughter came to the world by the Caesarean section. The doctor told the parents that her chances to survive are very small. Desperate parents began to prepare the funeral.



A little Michael was shocked by this fact.

He was helping to furnish his sister’s room recently, and now he has to say good bye to her. He wanted to sing for her for the last time. Unfortunately, he couldn’t enter the intensive care ward. The hospital staff were against that idea.

Desperate mother decided to take a risk and she took Michael to his little sister.