Now and then. This is how the swimsuit evolved over the last 65 years

Summer is coming fast. It’s a good time to try last year’s swimsuit on and check if everything’s alright, or if something has worn out or stretched… If, while trying it on, it turns out that it isn’t fit for use, then it’s time to think about getting a new one. But the question is, what swimsuit should you choose, what model is appropriate for your figure, which one do you like, which one is fashionable. Maybe it should be a two-piece suit or maybe a single-piece swimsuit, today the options are plentiful, matching every style and aesthetic qualities.

Swimsuits have changed a lot since our grandmothers wore them. The video below shows differences from the way swimsuits looked in comparison to modern versions. The changes that have gone by over the years concern among other things, the construction, the amount of body uncovered or the cut. You have to admit, they’re fascinating.

See, how fashion has changed over the years.  


You’ll see more in the video below. The differences are really shocking!

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