Saudi authorities recognized him as an indecently attractive man and threw him out of the country! Is he really so handsome?

Attractive beauty usually helps in life, but it can also cause trouble.

The appearance of a man is very important, because it is he who decides the first impression he makes on his environment. Everyone wants to look their best, but fate is not for everyone just as gracious and one is so sick of beauty and the other gives it in excess.


Handsome men and beautiful women can often count on reduced tariffs in many everyday situations, but not in Saudi Arabia, where unrivaled beauty can be considered a cause for demoralizing the environment…

Omar Borkan Al Gala was born in autumn 1989 in Baghdad but grew up in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. The man has always paid attention to his beauty, so he was promptly offered a modeling job. Among his numerous assignments, he participated in the promotion of one of the exhibitors at the Jandriyah culture festival in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.


Unfortunately, Omar was unlucky because he drew attention to the officers of the Chronology and Evil Prevention Committee, which is commonly referred to as the religious police. The task of this organization is to enforce Sharia law, e.g. checking the suitability of clothing or morality of behavior in public places.

The policemen looked at the man and his beauty was too attractive and certainly demoralized their women, so they ordered him to leave the country immediately!

What did Omar do? You will find out on the next page.