Saudi authorities recognized him as an indecently attractive man and threw him out of the country! Is he really so handsome?

The handsome model did not have much choice and left Saudi Arabia. He also decided that he would emigrate to the United States, since his beauty in the Middle East is a problem and a cause for the scandal of the women he meets.

In the US, he quickly found new gigs, especially since his case became loud in the media.


Omar is currently modeling, but also gets himself behind the camera, trying his hand at Hollywood and playing ads. Certainly, if he stayed in Arabia or the Emirates, his career would not have developed so dynamically. In the United States, the man feels appreciated and recently even got the gift of a Mercedes G55 from an anonymous fan!

Admittedly, living in countries where Sharia law is enforced is quite difficult and unpredictable. At any time, you can be accused of immorality and actions contrary to Islam, even for things that do not affect others, like Omar for his beauty.

Is he really so handsome that he has to worsen his appearance?