On the day of his divorce, he gave his wife a letter. Its contents are very touching…

In today’s world, more and more people break up and divorce. When it’s over, they pour everything out of themselves, not being able to leave with some dignity.

Fortunately, not everyone handles breakups like this. Michael lived with his wife for 20 years. When they divorced, he wrote a touching letter to the woman.


We have just arrived at the end of our 20 year marriage. A few months ago, when we acknowledged that it’s for the best, I felt how the world in which I lived in fell apart like a house of cards. I was terrified with the vision of not living with you. You know me better than anyone else, you gave me the best 20 years of your life. You were always there, when I needed you. It may be strange, but it’s for me to write everything out than it is to say it.

You should get an award for living with someone like me for 20 years. As time goes on, I realize that living with me for 20 years was quite an accomplishment. I tend to have a short temper, I make fun of every situation, and you should expect me to behave badly in most situations. I focused on myself and my own passions. I went after my own dreams, not giving any thought to what you wanted.

I took risks, I did a lot of things without talking to you about it, completely ignoring you. And through it all, you were able to master the situation with a lot of class. Together, we’ve got a lot of success, but because of my behavior, there were also failures. Today, I’d like to sincerely apologize for that.