Once you learn the properties of these cleaning products, you’ll throw out all of the chemicals at home!

Cleanup unfortunately doesn’t get done by itself. People with allergies have the most trouble with them, because not only do they have to remove from the house dust and dirt all the time, but also they cannot use chemicals.

Strongly corrosive agents are not only harmful to the respiratory system, but they’re also expensive. And just look around the house and it will turn out that it’s full of natural resources. You can clean thoroughly and quickly, and most importantly, in a way that’s friendly to the environment. See what you can replace chemicals in the house with!


It will clean each pan and the oven, ceramics as well as countertops. With this mix you can make a paste – just add a few drops of water and it’s ready.



It disinfects well and easily removes any sediment and stone. Use it in cleaning the bathroom, you’ll get clean fittings and a fresh scent. Additionally, lemons prevent the growth of mold. It removes any odors from chopping boards, e.g. Garlic or fish.



It can replace the window cleaner and is well suited for cleaning ceramics, mirrors and floors. it’s used at a concentration of 1 tablespoon per liter of water, if you want to get rid of more difficult stains, use a stronger concentration. it’s also easy to get rid of stone in the bathroom, just use a cloth soaked in warm vinegar and put it on the stained spot and after a while the trouble will be off of your mind.


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