One Day She Woke Up In The Morning And Decided To Implement Her Crazy Project. The Final Result? Amazing!

Do you believe in dreams and realization of your vision? Macy Miller, a student of architecture in Boise, one day said she was going to finally fulfil her dreams and put them into practice. The whole project was described on her blog.

She always dreamed of having a mobile home and now her big dream has become a reality. The cottage is the result of her work, it is not surprising that all the time she is planning the improvement and development.


As a probationer in a architectural agency. Macy felt that she I well educated in designing by she lacked the knowledge about building. She knew that construction skills will be needed in the future, if she wants to follow the chosen carrier of designing. That is why she decided to design her own house and build it.


It took 18 months! She worked both part and full time.