One of the most popular toothpastes contains a carcinogenic substance! Make sure that it is not in your bathroom!

Recent studies have shown that the chemical agent, known as triclosan, can trigger the development of cancerous cells. It has strong bactericidal and fungicidal properties. It is often used as a disinfecting agent in hospitals, as an ingredient in detergents, deodorants, soaps and hand sanitizing products. It is also an ingredient of the popular toothpaste Colgate!

Colgate-Palmolive, of course, assures that the product is perfectly safe. Its ingredients were accepted in 1997, that’s 19 years ago! This was only achieved after five years of efforts, and on the fourth attempt. The consent was based on the toxicological documentation conducted on rats and mice. Some of the data showed bone damage in animal fetuses. In spite of this, the toothpaste was allowed on the consumer market.

The latest research conducted by the American Chemical Society is shocking. It was found that triclosan contributes to the growth of human cancer cells during laboratory testing and breast tumors in mice!