One of these leaves is not real. Can you tell which one?

Supposedly every person has some sort of amazing talent waiting to be discovered. Many people don’t realize the potential and huge possibilities dormant within them. Sometimes you need another person in order to recognize an unordinary talent and to motivate the future artist into doing something as well as telling them which direction to take.

One thing is for sure: everyone has some sort of talent that they can do better than anyone else. You just need to search and try long enough until you notice one day what we’re really good at. Allegedly anyone can learn to draw. It’s just a matter of perseverance and many hours of practice. No doubt, the beginnings aren’t easy, but after several lessons with a professional, they should be visible.

Skilled graphic artists are professionals. The take in mind every detail, carefully prepare lighting effects and the texture of objects. Look at the amazing drawing of lilac leaves made by the talented artist – Dino Tomica. Try to guess which one is not real!


The video shows the creation of the drawing. You can’t say he doesn’t have talent!

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