One quick move can keep a toddler from choking. Everyone should know it!

Children tend to be unpredictable and you have to have eyes in the back of your head to keep them under control and protect them against many dangers. They are very curious of the world, like to learn new things and to put newly discovered objects in their mouth. A brief moment is enough for a toddler to choke on a part of a toy or a small button.

It is easy to choke, even during meals. Children cannot sit still at the table and often run with food in their mouth or talk while chewing. A larger piece of cheese or carrots can get stuck in the esophagus and cut off the air supply. Blocked airways lead to severe hypoxia, which may end in a coma, or in extreme cases, even death.


An organization for education in first aid – St. John Ambulance – posted a YouTube video showing how to properly behave in case of a sudden choking. A fairytale figure shows, step by step, what we should do in such a situation. Studies conducted by the organization are frightening! They show that 80% of parents do not know how to react in such circumstances!

Take a look at this video and pass it along. Perhaps thanks to it you will save someone’s life!