Only 1 in 10 people can solve this challenge! Test yourself!

Our brain, to a greater or lesser extent, can be deceived. Optical illusions and puzzles are interesting oddities for certain people, which they can quickly comprehend. Others must really make an effort to solve the mystery. Others can spend all day looking at illusions and find nothing!

Check to see which group you fall into. Can you solve this puzzle with ease? Or will it get the best of you? The answers can be found on the next page.

The first puzzle is very simple, but don’t be fooled by appearance. You need to find the hidden tiger! No, not the one everyone has noticed. There is still one hidden tiger in the picture.

Were you able to find the hidden tiger? Now try harder! Are you able to find 9 faces? Look carefully 🙂


Now it will be really hard! The first faces are already visible, but you need to find all 11!


Were you able to find 11 faces in the previous drawing? You won’t have a problem with the illustration below. Here you can see 13 faces.