Only 3% of people can notice a horse in this picture in less than 5 seconds. Will you be able to?

The power of observation is a very useful trait. It allows you to quickly judge the situation, which in turn doesn’t let important opportunities slip past you and keeps you ahead of others. The ability to make a quick observation can be perfected, but we all have some innate predisposition for it.

Whether we’re sensitive to detail and whether we can quickly see details in any given situation can be determined using all kinds of tests and pictures. Of course, their result isn’t an indisputable representation of how smart we are, but it shows how much we’ve developed the ability to analyze the image that we see.


I think everyone has had that situation where they were looking for butter in the fridge, but it was laying on the shelf right in front of them and was clearly visible. Sometimes our brain doesn’t have enough time to process what meets the eye, and then we have the impression that something isn’t there, where in fact it’s hiding right in front of our eyes.

Below we present you a picture that checks the ability of quick observation. As many as 97% of people can’t indicate where the horse is in the first five seconds of looking at the picture. Will you succeed…? Ready? Set?




…and start searching!


If not, then we’ll give you a hint as to its whereabouts, but you shouldn’t feel bad about failing to find it, because in the end rarely anyone is successful. Are you saddened by not being able to find the horse? Start practicing your eyes and brain for rapid image analysis, and in the future you’ll surely do better with these types of puzzles.

The horse is standing in the window.