Only 3% of the population has an “X” on the palm of their hand! When you find out its meaning, you will understand why so few people have it

The human body contains many hints about a person’s temperament and personality.

People have always looked closely at their body and searched for different signs. Particular attention is given to hands, because their inner side is covered with various lines, whose layout is fascinating and enigmatic.

The field of reading hands is palmistry, and its tradition is more than 5,000 years old. Interpreting the general shape and expression of the hand and fingers is called chirognomia, while the examination of the palm and the marks on it is called chirology.

Handwriting in antiquity was popular in India, China, Syria or Egypt. The look of the hand was tied to the arrangement of the stars, and all knowledge about the subject was carefully passed down from generation to generation. Today, chiropractic is a powerful divination branch, and its findings turn out to be surprisingly true.

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