I Thought It Was An Ordinary Beach, But When I Zoomed The Photo … It’s So Sad

From a distance it looks like a stony beach, but when you look closer you’ll see that it’s not sand or stones. This coast is in fact covered by walruses!

On the beach at Point Lay (north-western Alaska) 35 000 thousand of walruses were found!


Due to the drastic climate change, their natural habitats are disappearing. They usually rest on the ice caps, but in this region the ice melted a long time ago. So frightened animals came to the beaches and they are waiting for the water freezing.

They have been recognized by the people who took part in the annual survey of marine mammals, conducted by the American National Administration for Oceans and Atmosphere.


Unlike seals, they cannot swim long. So they rest for a long time on the drifting ice.



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