Oscar The Cat Predicted The Death Of 50 Patients Of This Health Centre

Many studies have proved a beneficial effect of animals on rehabilitation of the patients. However, there are individuals whose presence at the bedside is highly undesirable. Patients of Medical Centre Island’s Steere House are concerned of Oskar – a cat that lives in the building.

His visit often becomes the beginning of the tragedy.


Oscar arrived at the resort as a small kitten and was “adopted” by local workers. It is usually very shy and it rather avoids contact with people. There is however one fascinating exception.

 Oskar visits only the rooms of patients who are about to die. The cat predicted in this way over 50 deaths. The staff of the centre have learned to respect his intuition and react in the right time.


Thanks to the incredible skills of Oscar, the doctor and professor David Dosa of Brown University became interested in this unique animal. So far, however, he did not find any scientific explanation. The medical staff must continue to closely follow every step of the cat.

Perhaps this will help in saving lives of several patients. See the full story of this remarkable cat.

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