There are 550 sheep hidden in this picture. Can you find them all?

Animals living in the wild have colors that they need in order to hunt or survive. Sometimes it’s their only weapon, the ability to blend in with the environment and become invisible to the eye of a potential enemy. But sometimes it turns out that domestic animals have the same ability 😉

Last week, a Canadian farmer, Lizel Kennedy, lost his sheep, precisely 550 sheep. The question is, how can someone lose such a big herd come up naturally. Well, either Lizel isn’t a good shepherd,… or they’re really hard to find.

Lizel took photos and posted them on Twitter with the caption: “I couldn’t find my sheep this morning! And you could really make fun of him if it wasn’t for the photo that he posted online, all you can see is grass and snow. Yet, are you sure?

Are you able to find the sheep? Maybe this close up will help?